Editor’s Page
Pneuma Magazine has always been known for its creative writing and its eminent style, and I take pride in the fact that this publication has taken on a more professional format. Pneuma was started in the summer of 2010 by Michael Ramsey. I choose the name Pneuma which is a Greek word meaning 'the wind of reason, breath of life'. Since its creation Pneuma has always taken strong editorial stands, and we will continue to do so.Pneuma makes you think about your environment, and question this bureaucracy system known as Democracy -- and is done creatively. Reading and learning are things that anyone can do of his own free will, but not so of thinking. Thinking must be nurtured, like a baby drinking milk from its mother’s breast. It must be sustained by some interest in the matter at hand. This interest may be purely objective, or merely subjective. The latter comes into view only in things that concern us personally. Our concern at Pneuma Magazine is in the production poetic genius, especially of the epic and dramatic kind. Short stories, reviews, your opinions waiting to be heard or your artwork of beauty is Pneuma’s purpose. We here at Pneuma recognize that beauty is the true end of every art, and we welcome all. When a person thinks for him or herself, they follow the impulse of his own mind, which is determined for them at the time, either by environment or some particular recollection. Share your world with us through your eyes and capable mind. 

We would like to thank all the models from the April promotion at RVL  and great success...It was wonderful. Thanks for your interests in Pneuma Communications LLC, and we look forward to working with you on our next promotion. As I mentioned in our past correspondence, we are preparing for our next promotional event on August 21, 2015  

We would like to introduce you to Pneuma magazine, the only regional lifestyle magazine for today's college students. 
It consults the wishes of students around the city who have always wanted to know about campus life at other universities, colleges, and other higher educational institutions. Pneuma rejuvenates unity among students by giving them a place to express their personal thoughts and share others while gaining valuable information about campus living around the world. 
It alleviates the alienation and isolation experienced by students attending higher education. You can help us achieve 
this goal....
Each month we will pick an issue that affects us all, and we want you to do what you do...be it writing, short stories, poetry, personal stories, career tips, articles on medicine and health, your school politics, studying abroad, your review of a movie you've seen, jokes and cartoons, your fantasies, interviews with decision-makers, photos of the latest fashions at your campus, photos, many photos...i.e. beauty contests, and provocative photos of beautiful women and men at your campus. Issues that concern students will be encompassed in Pneuma every month, by you the students, for the students. Pneuma will be regarded by its readers as more than a magazine: it will be a friend, a teacher, and a true companion.

Here are an example of what you will see and read in Pneuma:

You are my Poetry…Poetry must be moreThan the labeling of Emotions.
Than the reporting of​ Experience, as if life were A neatly ordered plot. No, I want my poetry to be you…To be itself alive like you…  A breathing, growing thing, sensual , sexy ​and intelligent…yes, you are my poetry not dead letters but​ Living vibrations you can feel, the touch of your ​firm back, the glowingness of your skin,The soft dark hair​....

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